Amazing Transformation of Toyota Tundra

Transformer Dubai is a leading Transformation service based in Dubai, UAE. We boast many years of combined experience in the services we provide to our customers. Our facility offers the latest in cutting edge technology to make your vehicle, boat, yacht, jet-ski or even private jet, stand out from the crowd.

  • Watch closely and see what happens to this plain-looking Toyota Tundra.
  • Our Painter start adding life to the car body panels by spraying a blue paint.
  • The roof and the rest of the body transform into a blue camouflage.
  • Clear coat is applied to protect the car paint.
  • The wheel, grille and other parts are water transfer printed to give the interior a cool makeover.
  • Looks amazing inside and out, isn’t it?
  • The car painting process will never be complete without interior and exterior detailing.
  • Toyota Tundra in blue camouflage is now ready to cruise the roads of Dubai.
+971 4 3211944

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