Everything You Need to Do if You’re in a Car Crash

We hope you never have to use this advice, but the more you know . . .

One of the sad realities of driving is that eventually, you’re probably going to be involved in a wreck. Sometimes you make an unfortunate mistake. Other times, it’s entirely the other person’s fault. Either way, even if you have great insurance, dealing with a crash is almost always a hassle.

But when you do have an avoidable contact incident, how you respond can drastically impact the outcome. In his latest podcast, consumer protection attorney and R&T contributor Steve Lehto walks you through everything you should do after an accident.

While some of it is pretty much common sense, not all of it is so obvious. For example, even in a single-car accident, you might still be responsible for property damage. And because of the way a lot of these laws are written, wrecking a vehicle on your own private property can still result in a citation.

Check out the podcast below to hear the rest of Lehto’s advice. We hope you never have to use it, but it’s still good to know.


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