Hydrographics – Print on anything

A good friend of mine recently opened his business dealing with Water Transfer Printing (WTP), where objects are dipped into a chemically activated bath with a designed graphic foil for coating the said object. You’ve seen this being done on shows before like American Chopper or seen videos of this the printing being done on YouTube.

So what kinds of benefits are there versus the traditional paint or airbrush methods to laying down designs? While airbrushing and hand drawn designs can be intricate, the process is labour intensive and time consuming. With WTP, the process is faster and much more efficient. Man hours are still spent on preparing the surface to optimize surface bonding with the layer of graphics material, to produce a flawless bond and finish but the printing process is for sure much faster than the previously mentioned air brush or hand drawing designs on any surface. Man hours for the preparation will vary, depending on the condition of the printing surface, damage, size, complexity and the amount of preparation needed prior to printing.

One of the beautiful things about the printing and finishing is the interchangeability of the surface texture, from gloss to matt and vice versa allowing the printer to play around with these textures, depending on what the customer wants. Items for dipping can literally be for applications ranging from automotive and motorcycles to interior deco and home appliances, sporting goods, nautical, aerospace and if you have a whim, a coffee machine.

There are endless designs to choose from, while the printing material also follows the contours and profile of the printing surfaces, ensuring that no 2 prints are ever the same. The technology comes from Japan, while paints, foils, supplies and all the equipment in the shop come from Germany. Additionally to note, Michael the owner of the business happens to be German too. So right there, you get German quality products and equipment, by a German trained in Germany who will give you the renowned German quality in workmanship and attention to detail that we have all come to love. Michael takes pride in his service and products and definitely will not let anything less than perfect leave his shop.

Resource: https://wordpress.com/read/blogs/112680970/posts/4548
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