Air Brushing

My last article was about hand painting T-shirts with a paint brush and squeeze bottle fabric paint. Although I still hand paint shirts, I started to do air-brushing also. As a matter of fact sometimes I incorporate the two for absolutely unique work. You can even add a little silk-screened work, but for today let’s discuss air brushing.

Air-brushing was invented in the 1800’s. This technic of forcing air at a low psi through a tool, which is controlled by you. depending on the type of air brush you choose, single action, or dual action. You can control the amount, and width of paint, you spray, by pressing the trigger on the air brush. It releases air, then slowly pulling the trigger back, will release a fine amount of paint. Since our project is painting clothing you should use a dual action air brush. there are plenty of them out there, but when I first started in the early 90’s I went to Pearl Paints on Canal St in NYC and I choose a dual action Paasche kit. It came with three different size needle tips for different widths, and extra bottles for holding paint. Today there are many air brushes to choose from, such as Iwata, Badger, and Aztec. I still have the same air brush today along with a small badger compressor. You will also need different color paints. I use Createx. There are different type paints for different uses. Transparent, fluorescent, and opaque. During your experimenting you will learn the different uses of these paints.

I was raised in the Flatbush section of Brooklyn, NY. In the early 90’s Flatbush became a haven for all West Indians. Jamaican, Trini’s, Barbadians. Haitians you name it. So when the cartoon Bart Simpson came out I started drawing him. But living In a west Indian community I gave my Bart dread locks, gold teeth, gold chains, and expensive cars. It become a ghetto hit. Everyone wanted a shirt. I took a simple cartoon character and jazzed him up.

For under $200 you can get all the supplies you need to get started. Practice makes perfect, and it also makes a lot of fun. There will always be someone out there that will enjoy your art.

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